For some people, having dental treatment can cause immense stress and anxiety. This often leads to delay in seeking treatment until the condition has worsened to a more severe and painful extent.

At Tx Smiles, all patients are treated in a gentle and caring manner by our specially trained dentists. Even if you are not anxious about having dental procedures, we aim to make your experience a pleasant one. 

For those with dental fear or anxiety we offer a choice of sedation techniques depending on their general health, anxiety level and budget.

This can be in the form of a tablet taken prior to the treatment, inhalation of Penthrox, or Intravenous sedation performed by an anaesthetist.

The Dentists at Tx Smiles have all undergone specific training in managing patients with dental fear and anxiety. They are highly skilled in managing anxious children and adults by spending time talking to patients about their specific fears and fully explaining the steps of a procedure so there are no surprises. They use relaxation techniques and a very gently and calm approach.

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Depending on existing medication and conditions, a specific type and dose of sedative will be prescribed to take prior to the dental appointment. This can range from a mild sedative such as diazepam which helps ease the tension to a stronger sedative such as Medazolam which may put you to sleep during the procedure.   



We offer Penthrox (the green whistle) which is a single use, very effective form of sedation and the patient has control over how much they would like to have before the procedure. It is a safe form of sedation which acts fast and wear off within 30 minutes. It involves inhaling a vapour through a mouth piece which provides pain relief and sedation.

It provides stronger pain relief than nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and patients usually describe a ‘calming’ and ‘floating’ feeling while dental work is carried out.



Conscious IV sedation involves the use of sedative medication either or through a vein to help you experience a deep sleep and relaxation while having your treatment. At the end of the visit, you will wake up comfortably while not maintaining any memory of the dental procedure. You will need to be accompanied by a family member or friend who can take you home after your visit.

At Tx Smiles, your sedation will performed by a very experienced, registered anaesthetist at the practice.