Examination, Scale and Clean

Today in dentistry, the focus is on preventing the start or worsening of dental disease in all age groups. Even though some people think that they only need to go to the dentist when there is a problem, the reality is that this often means associating dental visits with pain and a costly visit.

By having an examination and scale and clean at our dental clinic, we’ll assess the state of your mouth and general oral health. We give you an idea of what your individual concerns may be and will address them according to your needs and wishes.


An examination is not just ‘looking’ in your mouth. Your dentist will record details about your face, jaw and any issues with your bite. These include missing teeth, fillings, cavities, gum disease and they'll also single out any problems with teeth that have had previous dental work. This is done to identify your risk of conditions worsening and the extent of damage. Who knows, you may discover some things about your teeth that you never knew!

X-rays are a very important diagnostic tool when assessing your current dental health. They're retaken periodically depending on your risk of disease and how quickly conditions could be progressing.


The dental examination is inexpensive and having one regularly is a great way to ensure any problems are identified and addressed early before more complicated and expensive emergencies arise.

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Before your scale and clean takes place, you must provide us as much information as possible about your general health. This includes allergies, psychological state, all surgery and medication taken and previous dental history.

A thorough scale and clean is necessary for most people - even if you brush your teeth daily. Normal build-up of calcium especially in hard to reach areas such as in between teeth and under the gumline are the target for a professional clean. A regular checkup helps prevent gum disease, freshens your breath and improves the surface appearance of your teeth.

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