Dentures are an effective and relatively inexpensive way to replace missing teeth and preserve facial structure. They are a removable treatment option and depending on whether all or just some teeth are missing, a partial or full denture may be necessary.

At Tx Smiles, we believe that just because you have no teeth or only a few teeth remaining, doesn’t mean you can’t smile with confidence. With the latest materials and advanced dental technology, a well-fitting denture is quite comfortable and goes virtually unnoticed. Together with our experienced Perth dentists, advanced dental technologies and range of unmatched equipment, we can fit the right denture to your smile.

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Dentures – Costs & Pricing at our Perth Clinic

Our team of leading dental technicians aim to provide our patients with affordable dental services, allowing everybody to be able to achieve the smile they’ve always dreamed of having, for less. Which is why we provide dentures from as low as $699! We also provide free consultations to all new patients, so whether you’re wanting more information on whether dentures are the right treatment for you, or if you require emergency denture repairs on your existing dentures, our team are here and can provide affordable options to suit your oral needs.

Caring For Your Dentures – Repairs & Tips

If you’ve just had dentures, or have had them for many years, we recommend the following tips to help you along the way;

  • It is important to clean your dentures just as well as natural teeth.

  • Regular visits to a dentist who is qualified to detect any abnormalities or growths in the gums and mouth is vital.

These days, there are also alternatives to removable dentures such as implant retained dentures or bridges. The team at Tx Smiles can offer unsurpassed denture services to patients across our 3 clinics in Perth.

Whether you’re looking to be fitted for new dentures, emergency denture repairs or general information on if dentures are the right option for you, call one of our clinics today on (08) 6117 0617 or book an appointment below.

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