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Restore your smile with quality dental implants in Perth  

Restore your smile with dental implants from Tx Smiles. With our state-of-the-art clinic in Subiaco, our team can tailor a treatment plan to suit you. Whether you need a single tooth or multiple teeth replaced, Tx Smiles offers an advanced dental implant service and patient care in Perth. 

Historically, missing teeth have been replaced with removable dentures and bridges which attach to the neighbouring teeth. These can potentially damage your teeth and leave you with bigger problems when things fail. 

A dental implant is a fixed, artificial tooth where a titanium screw replaces the tooth’s root and a porcelain or metal cap replaces the tooth. Dental implants are the most advanced tooth replacement option available and have become the standard of care for patients with missing teeth. 

Because they are placed into the jawbone, the contours of the bone and gum are preserved, making them virtually unnoticeable and extremely stable. The technology is so advanced that we can even replace a full set of teeth with dental implants. At Tx Smiles, our highly-trained dentists can replace a single tooth or multiple teeth if required, helping you achieve a natural-looking smile. 

If you’re looking to restore your teeth with dental implants in Perth, call our Subiaco clinic today on (08) 6117 0617, or book an appointment online below. 

Dental Implants

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1) Cosmetic and Restorative will be performed by a dentist at Tx Smiles
2) Patients must be deemed suitable for the procedure at prior assessment.
3) In order to help formulate treatment recommendations, the following may be required: (a) a medical and dental history, (b) discussion of your dental problems, concerns and desires, (c) examination of the mouth and associated structures, (d) photographs, (e) x-rays, (f) impressions of the teeth and (g) communication with previous or concurrent treating health professionals. If additional diagnostic procedures, preparatory and/or follow up treatment is required, they will be discussed before commencing treatment.
4) It is our intent to contribute all of our technical and artistic capabilities to help you achieve your aesthetic expectations and to incorporate these factors in your final dental restorations. You have the opportunity to provide your input during treatment, and every effort will be made to incorporate your wishes together with the functional and physiological requirements of the restorations.
5) Results may vary from person to person.
6) Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner
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