The childhood years are a crucial time in a child’s physical and mental development. This is also the time to develop good oral care habits. Proper brushing and diet low in sugars as well as regular visits to the Dentist should become routine. At Tx Smiles, we believe that every child’s first dental visit should be a positive and fun experience, so this can continue through to adulthood.

With three convenient locations available across Perth, our kids dentists can provide the following services;

  • Bulk Billed Dental Care (Medicare)

  • Gap Free Kids Dental

  • Dental Check Ups

  • First Check Ups

  • Check Ups for Children 3-5 years

  • Check Ups for Children 6-12 years

  • Teeth Cleaning Assistance

  • Mouth Guard Moulds and Fittings

  • Teeth Injuries

  • Fillings and Extractions

  • Orthodontic Care (Mild to Moderate)

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Tx Smiles bulk bills through Child Dental Benefit Schedule (CDBS). This is a government initiative which allows some 2-17 year olds with Medicare to receive up to $1000 benefit.


If you have private health insurance, your children are generally covered (in some case up to the age of 25). At Tx Smiles, when you book your child into our Clinic in Subiaco, you will not pay anything out of pocket for preventative and some general dental treatments. What’s more, you can instantly claim your rebate through HICAPS.


At Tx Smiles, we believe routine dental check-ups are an important part of your child’s dental routine. At these visits, the Dentist will thoroughly check whether your child is adequately brushing and whether all the important parts of the mouth and jaws are developing normally.

Anything out of the ordinary can be detected early and managed to prevent worsening problems later on, problems that can be costly and more traumatic if left untreated. There are several techniques and dental products which can assist and motivate your little one, making brushing time easier for all. Our experienced kids dentists in Perth will educate you and your child whatever age they are on how best to look after their smiles.

Remember, it’s never too early to start the healthy habit of six-monthly dental visits. Children from the age of 3 are advised to visit the dentist for a regular check-up and clean so that they become familiarised with the Dental environment and what a fun experience it can be!


We recommend that you bring your baby in with you when your baby’s first tooth becomes visible or when he/she reaches 12 months old, whichever comes first. At this visit, we can check that the teeth are coming through properly and are healthy. We will also show you how best to brush these tiny teeth and gums.


By age 3, your child would have received all their primary teeth, and this is a good age to start them with a healthy, regular dental routine. Cavities often can occur at this age as children are exposed to chocolates, sweets and juices. Bottle caries can be a huge problem, so early intervention is the key.

At your child’s check-up appointment, our dentist’s will be checking for teeth shape, cavities, checking the depth of the grooves of teeth, cleanliness of teeth especially hard to reach areas, and providing your child with their first professional dental clean. We may take x-rays (with permission of parents) if required. At this toddler phase, children are prone to falls and knocks to teeth, so if an accident happens, or you are concerned that a tooth may be changing colour, it’s safest to bring them in for a check-up.


At this stage, your child will start to have their baby teeth replaced by 32 permanent teeth. The first 28 generally come through between the ages of 6 and 13 years.

During this stage, we continue to provide your child with a regular check-up and clean, but paying special attention to the growth sequence of adult teeth, and that your child’s bite is correct. At this stage, we discuss the need for orthodontics where and if required.


Effective teeth cleaning techniques and regular dental hygiene proves an effective way of keeping your child away from tooth decay and gum disease. At Tx Smiles, we recommend a 6-monthly maintenance program where we see your child for an examination, clean and scale, floss, fluoride treatment and if necessary, x-rays.

This way, we ensure your child has minimal plaque levels and does not accumulate excessive tartar, which is difficult to remove with everyday brushing.



Did you know that close to 1 in 3 children will experience an injury affecting the teeth. This can be a very stressful for children and parents.

At Tx Smiles, we are experts in managing dental injuries to both baby and adult teeth. The management of dental injuries can be significantly different depending on whether the injury is to baby teeth or adult teeth and it is critical that appropriate advice or treatment is sought. In some situations, initial treatment can have life-long implications.

At Tx Smiles, patients with a dental injury will be given utmost priority.


At Tx Smiles, we evaluate each patient individually to determine which type is the appropriate filling for them. We also avoid the use of Mercury fillings that may cause any damage or be a risk for our children’s health.

There are many types of fillings available, each of them suitable for different cavities depending on the location and oral care requirements of the child. The usual preference is Composite fillings, an advanced dental material that allows us to match the natural colour of the teeth so it is very close to white, and therefore less noticeable.

There are several reasons why our specialist may advise that a tooth could be removed among them including; delay in baby teeth falling out, extra teeth, decay, trauma, or orthodontic needs. The removal of a tooth is known as “extraction”. Also, the complexity of the dental problem may lead to a surgical or non-surgical operation where a mild anaesthesia will provide the comfort and tranquillity of the child, throughout the procedure.


At Tx Smiles, we have kids dentists who can look after your child’s orthodontic needs, if they are mild to moderate in severity.

Our Perth dentists are able to provide plates and guards to guide the growth of the teeth and jaw bones into the favourable position. Invisalign may be an option for your child in late teenager years.

Invisalign is an invisible and comfortable alternative to braces, allowing for removal and proper cleaning of teeth. Talk to your Tx Smiles dentist about the options that are available to your child today.


Mouth guards are coverings worn over teeth, and often used to protect teeth from injury from teeth grinding and during sports.

Children and adults who play contact sports such as rugby, soccer, basketball and field hockey are often at risk of injury to their mouth and teeth. Non-contact sports and recreational activities e.g. skateboarding, cycling, gymnastics etc. can also present injury risks.

As accidents can happen during any physical activity, the advantage of using a mouth guard during sports is that it can help limit the risk of mouth-related injuries to your lips, tongue, and soft tissues of your mouth. Mouth guards also help your child avoid chipped or broken teeth, nerve damage to a tooth, or even tooth loss.

Children who still have their first set of teeth or who wear braces have specific needs, as their mouth guards must take tooth movement and additional orthodontic devices into account for an appropriate level of fit and protection.

The use of a custom-fitted mouth guard, which is provided in consultation with our dentists, will dramatically reduce the risk of serious dental injury. This will allow your child to enjoy their sporting activities – and allow you to enjoy peace of mind.

At Tx Smiles, our kids dentist will take an impression of your child’s teeth and a custom fitted mouth guard will be fabricated.